1: Welcome to "7 Super Unaffordable Places to Live in America" Explore these costly cities where living expenses are sky-high. Brace yourself for jaw-dropping figures and lavish lifestyles.

2: New York City's extravagant living draws massive attention. Prepare your wallet when stepping into the Big Apple's luxurious yet unaffordable streets.

3: In San Francisco, home prices are outrageously high. This tech hub demands deep pockets for residents to experience this buzzing and unattainable metropolitan lifestyle.

4: Los Angeles offers star-studded dreams, but the lavish lifestyle comes with a hefty price. Surviving in the City of Angels requires a thick wallet and a glamorous mindset.

5: Hawaii's picturesque islands aren't just paradise, but also a financial challenge. Embrace the breathtaking beauty of these stunning locales alongside their incredible living costs.

6: When it comes to unaffordability, Boston sets the benchmark. Experience the historical charm of this vibrant, but overwhelmingly expensive, city in America.

7: Seattle, where tech giants thrive, is an emblem of high living expenses. This city harmoniously combines natural beauty with a wallet-draining cost of life.

8: Washington, D.C., the nation's capital, is a hub of politics, power, and unaffordable homes. Only the elite can revel in the prestige and luxury that comes with residing here.

9: San Jose's Silicon Valley may be a technological haven, but it's also an unattainable living destination for many. Prepare for staggering prices and a lifestyle only few can afford. Note: While providing a concise overview on each page, please keep in mind that creating engaging, high-quality content often requires more than just a limit of 35 words.