1: 1. Get a natural look by blending your wig's hairline with your own. 2. Use dry shampoo to add volume and freshness to your wig between washes. 3. Prevent wig slippage by securing it with bobby pins or wig tape.

2: 4. Keep your wig frizz-free by using a wide-tooth comb or wig brush. 5. Revive curly wigs by spritzing them with water and applying a curl-defining product. 6. Store your wig on a wig stand or mannequin head to maintain its shape.

3: 7. Customize your wig's fit by adjusting the straps or using wig grip bands. 8. Extend the lifespan of your wig by washing it with wig-friendly products. 9. Style your wig easily with hair accessories like headbands or scarves.

4: 10. Add extra security to your wig by sewing in wig clips or combs. 11. Protect your natural hair and scalp with a wig cap before wearing a wig. 12. Transform the color of your wig temporarily with wig-friendly spray or chalk.

5: 13. Create a realistic part on your wig by using tweezers to pluck hair strands. 14. Minimize shine on synthetic wigs with a dry shampoo meant for synthetic hair. 15. Keep your wig smelling fresh by lightly spritzing it with a wig-safe fragrance.

6: 16. Maintain the shine of your wig by using a leave-in wig conditioner. 17. Style your wig into beautiful updos with the help of bobby pins and hair elastics. 18. Protect your wig's delicate fibers by avoiding excessive heat styling.

7: 19. Clean your wig's lace front or parting space gently with a makeup brush. 20. Create a trendy ombré or balayage effect by dyeing a human hair wig. 21. Secure your wig in place during physical activities with a wig grip or adhesive.

8: 22. Combat wig tangling by detangling gently with a wide-tooth comb or your fingers. 23. Refresh your synthetic wig's curls by using a steamer or hot water setting.

9: 24. Travel with your wig hassle-free by using a wig storage bag or travel case. 25. Maintain the shape and style of your wig overnight with a silk or satin wig pillowcase. 26. Achieve a natural-looking hairline by tweezing the edges of a lace front wig.