1: 1) "Wholesome bowls packed with plant power, discover the joy of 6 surprising plant-powered lunches!" 2) "Elevate your lunch game with incredible plant-based options that will leave you satisfied and energized."

2: 1) "Mouthwatering jackfruit tacos, a delightful twist to transform your lunch routine." 2) "Indulge in a flavorsome tempeh stir-fry, a hearty plant-powered lunch to tantalize your taste buds."

3: 1) "Deliciously innovative cauliflower steak, a plant-powered lunch that will impress even the carnivores." 2) "Savor the goodness of a vibrant kale and quinoa salad, a refreshing and nutritious plant-based option."

4: 1) "Taste the delight of a chickpea burger, a satisfying and protein-packed plant-powered lunch." 2) "Discover the perfect harmony of flavors in a Mediterranean-inspired lentil wrap, an irresistible lunch choice."

5: 1) "Fall in love with a zesty avocado and black bean salad, a fiesta of flavors in every bite." 2) "Enjoy the goodness of a roasted vegetable sandwich, a plant-powered lunch that bursts with natural goodness."

6: 1) "Wholesome and hearty, sweet potato stuffed with quinoa, a delightful lunch to fuel your day." 2) "Redefine your lunch break with a tantalizing falafel bowl, a plant-powered meal that leaves you energized."

7: 1) "Find comfort in a creamy coconut curry, a plant-powered lunch that warms your soul." 2) "Savor the unique taste of a mushroom and lentil shepherd's pie, a lunch that nourishes and satisfies."

8: 1) "Discover the delight of a summer vegetable pasta, a colorful and fresh plant-based lunch option." 2) "Embrace the goodness of a nutrient-rich spinach and tofu salad, a light yet fulfilling plant-powered choice."

9: 1) "Celebrate simplicity with a classic hummus and vegetable wrap, a lunch that never goes out of style." 2) "Indulge in a bountiful bowl of miso-glazed eggplant, a plant-powered lunch that takes your taste buds on a journey." Remember, each page has a maximum limit of 35 words to maintain brevity while enticing readers with plant-based lunch ideas.