1 - Yoga Poses for Stress Relief: Discover powerful yoga poses that can alleviate stress, including Child's Pose, Corpse Pose, and Cat-Cow Pose. Practice regularly to find true relaxation.

2 - Child's Pose: Sink into Child's Pose, a calming pose that offers deep relaxation for body and mind. Allow stress to melt away as you surrender to this gentle stretch.

3 - Corpse Pose: Indulge in Corpse Pose, a total relaxation posture. Close your eyes, release tension, and experience tranquility as you lie down and let go of all worries.

4 - Cat-Cow Pose: Relieve stress with Cat-Cow Pose, a dynamic flow that stretches the spine. Inhale, arch your back like a cat; exhale, let your belly drop like a cow. Find serenity.

5 - Downward Facing Dog: Stretch and de-stress with Downward Facing Dog, an energizing pose. Invert your body to lengthen the spine, release tension, and rejuvenate your spirit.

6 - Standing Forward Bend: Unwind and calm your mind in Standing Forward Bend. Let your upper body hang loose, allowing stress to release and decompress the spine.

7 - Legs Up the Wall: Restorative and soothing, Legs Up the Wall pose is perfect for relaxation. Lie on your back with legs up against the wall, enhancing blood flow and calming nerves.

8 - Bridge Pose: Elevate your mood with Bridge Pose, relieving stress and anxiety. Lift your hips off the ground, finding strength and serenity in the heart-opening posture.

9 - Child's Pose (Revisited): Return to Child's Pose, embracing the peacefulness within. Breathe deeply, letting go of any remaining stress. Find solace and relaxation on your mat.